Safety Lights

Pee Dee Fire & Safety stocks and services a complete range of Amerex fire extinguishers, including Carbon Dioxide, Wet or Dry Chemical, and Water Mist Nonmetallic, as well as wheeled units and wall-mount brackets.


PSL-56 - The PSL-56 is perfect for a multitude of applications. Use the light to draw attention to children by wearing the included armband or attaching the light directly to book bags, jackets, belts, bicycles, or scooters. Adults can increase their visibility when walking, jogging, or bicycling during low light or dark conditions. Increase safety on the jobsite for construction workers and road crews, traffic control personnel, or for anyone who needs to be seen in low light or no light conditions. The red PSL features six distinct light patterns, and is the perfect way to "Be Safe...Be Seen".


  • Bicycle Tail Light
  • Child Safety - Attach to Book Bag or Jacket with enclosed Armband, etc.
  • Personal Visibility - Walking, Jogging, Biking, Boating, Camping, Hunting, Skiing, Highway Construction Crew Members, Law Enforcement, Directing Traffic, Any Outdoor Nighttime or Low Light Activity
  • Warning Signal - Stranded/Disabled Vehicle, Traffic Obstructions etc.
  • Location Signal/Indicator- Signal Device for Off Road ATVs, Motorcycles, Small Boats, etc. Not Equipped With a Power Source
  • Oversized Load Transportation - Logging, Mobile Home, etc.
  • Many Other Uses


  • Visible up to one-half mile
  • Six Light Patterns- Steady, Fast Flash, Slow Flash, 3 Alternating Patterns
  • Five Super Bright LEDs
  • High Visibility - Up to 2,650 feet (one-half mile)
    Kit Includes Bracket Mount for Bicycles, Belt Clip, High Visibility
  • Elastic Band
  • Weather Resistant Design
  • Compact Size - About the Size of a Pager
  • Energy Efficient - Approximately 200 Hours Use on Two Alkaline "AA" Batteries

FoxFire (F-262)

Maximum visibility for maximum safety. The patent-pending lens incorporates optic magnifiers on each LED to increase the light intensity of all 26 LEDs and to increase FoxFire's effectiveness. Ideal for: traffic control; work zone safety; warehouse and factory safety; disaster scenes; EMT, fire, and rescue vehicles; utility vehicles; oversized loads; helicopter landing zones; crane and boom operators; farm equipment on open roads.

  • 360° illumination (12 LEDs on perimeter, 14 LEDs on face)
  • Rugged polycarbonate plastic lens
  • Strong magnetic backing for static use operation, built-in self-supporting stand
  • Easy access to batteries (4 "AA", not included)
  • Extremely versatile: lay flat on the ground, attach to safety cones, mount to metal surfaces, etc.
  • Visible over 1 mile
  • Available colors: Red, Amber, White, Hi-Intensity Green, Red/White - Red/Blue and Blue (Authorized Personnel Only)
  • Size: 6.25"L x 3.75"H x 2.25"D - Weight: 12oz with batteries

Flashing Arrow Banner (BAN-436)

Protect yourself and those around you with this simple to use Flashing Arrow Banner with 36 Super Bright LEDs. Direct traffic away from construction sites, emergency situations, factory floor obstacles, or any other scenario where safety is a priority.

Banners are approximately 20"H x 40"W, function in 3 modes (all steady on, all flashing, or sequential flashing), contain 10 embedded magnets, 8 grommets, and 4 suction cups, and include a heavy duty nylon carrying case.

Logger Light (FLL and LLK)

Transporting after dark can make your overhang load almost invisible to approaching traffic. Various federal, state, and local laws require a light or lantern be attached to the extreme end of the load after dark. Logger Light's LED technology helps solve this problem by marking your load with a powerful and portable warning signal that is visible for well over a mile. Marking your load can protect you, and others, from costly accidents that may occur.

  • FFL (FoxFire) and LLK (SL-Series) styles available
  • Steady On or Flashing
  • Battery Operated - requires 4 (1.5v) "AA" batteries (not included)
  • 18 Super Bright LEDs - available in Red or Amber
  • Unbreakable Polycarbonate Lens
  • Includes Logger Light Tool and Bracket for attachment to any size log or utility pole
  • Visible Over 1 Mile
  • Completely Portable - no wires to deal with

SL-Series Portable Signal Light

The perfect replacement for dangerous chemical flares and for a multitude of emergency or cautionary signal applications. Utility work, agricultural use, emergency equipment, factory signals, disabled or distressed vehicles are just a few of the many uses for this high-powered Signal Light. Equipped with magnetic backing (for static use) and a self supporting stand, all SL-Series Lights are lightweight, portable, weather resistant and operate for a minimum of 24 hours on four "AA" batteries (not included).

Available Styles:

  • SL-161 - 16 LEDs: Red/Red, Amber/Amber, Red/Amber, Red/Blue (Authorized Personnel Only)
  • SL-182 - 18 LEDs: Red, Amber, Green, White, Hi-Intensity Green, Blue (Authorized Personnel Only), Red-Rechargable, Amber-Rechargable
  • SL-193 (Arrow Lights) - 19 LEDs: Red, Amber, Red-Rechargable, Amber-Rechargable

Hard Hat Safety Light (HHLK)

Our super-bright Hard Hat Safety Light mounts easily to your hard hat to increase your visibility and safety while working in low light conditions. The custom molded bracket attaches to your hard hat utilizing a closed-cell acrylic foam carrier developed specifically for use on materials with difficult adhesion characteristics similar to hard hat polymers. This material creates an incredible bond between the light bracket and hard hat, even in adverse conditions.

  • 5 Super-Bright LEDs
  • Dual light patterns (fast flash and constant on)
  • Visible up to ½ mile
  • Weighs only 1.6oz with batteries
  • Includes Custom Mounting Bracket and Surface Cleaner

LED Adjustable Armband (AB4)

Snap this highly reflective armband embedded with flashing LEDs on your arm for maximum visibility in low light situations. This is an excellent accessory for outdoor workers or emergency personnel. Be sure that oncoming trafic and other people can easily see you. Easy to use velcro fastening ensures a snug fit for almost any size. Battery included.

Pee Dee Fire & Safety carries a complete line of Safety Light accessories - please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you need an application for a specific safety situation.

Adjustable Magnetic Base (AMB and AMB2)

Equipped with a strong magnet, this adjustable base adds considerable utility over the static use magnets installed on most Signal Light models. Easily adjusts to any angle up to 90°.

Safety Cone Bracket (SCB and SCB2)

This simple device allows you to attach any magnetic Safety Light to virtually any safety cone, either horizontally or vertically, no tools required.

Tripod Adapter (TPA)

Can be installed on any SL-Series Light with the adapter plate supplied with the tripod. Elevates the light approximately 10" to 15" for increased visibility. Telescopic legs close for easy stotage.

Metal Safety Stand (MS)

Our metal safety stands can be used with any FoxFire or SL-Series Light as an excellent alternative to dangerous road flares.

Please contact us for full product specifications or for unlisted items.

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Phone: (843) 423-7486
Fax: (843) 275-7177
Cell: (843) 618-8523

© 2019 All Rights Reserved Pee Dee Fire & Safety, Inc